Friday, March 13, 2015

Trying to find the fun!

Everyone can take a negative comment roll over and get back up. It might take longer for others. Today I see that no matter what I do or don't do I am getting hit after hit by one blogger. My intention when I began to write was to get the anxiety and stress off my body and mind for my BP and over all health. Then I get screwed over by a company then I find one to take on my book again well I have figured out that the only person I can trust is my self. I wont screw myself over but I might lie to myself lol! I will always push me to be better and take on any challenges or so I thought. Today I have been blacklisted as a person and as an author. why because I used a company to do business with. This blogger hates the owner. Well since then the business has closed up. Me the crap from my past still haunts me.

I have books I cant finish because of the stress. The stress of putting myself out there again after this lady has trashed me even to this day. I was crapped on again by a close friend or one I had counted as one making her own Press then like always lies.

My hubby is so supportive as his money gets wasted with ever penny I spend to pay for cover art editing and promoting. See this lady don't see/care that she has not just hurt me but the author I am or was. I hurt deep inside. Yet she could care less. We teach our children about bulling and know we have to watch out for the cyber bullying also. That's with kids, but this lady is no kid, she just don't care the damage she does as long as she makes everyone stay away from the lady who owned the old company.

I am not that lady who owned a company that pissed her off. I am not a thief. But she calls me everything damaging people's perception of who I am or how I do business. That is just unfair. But I didn't get a say in her trashing my name no more then I got a say in getting lied to or screwed over. I get punished as my family watches me struggle with the beating she gave/gives me.

I am still standing but only as half the women I used to be. Maybe I will get her back maybe not but I know the truth and have an ally to help bring justice to this blogger who took more then my dignity but my dream.

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