Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday highlights

Ok so I said I would keep up with my posts so here I am!

I have had writers block for about two weeks and nothing I have tried has crumbled that wall.  So are you ready for my news.  Instead of waiting for it to come down I decided to crawl around it!!

Starting another story when one is half done is not something I like to do. That being said my first book published was a work like this one. 

The characters you bring to life tell the story and when they stop talking  new ideas are born.  Well for me anyways!

This new story I am writing will be a little violent, vulgar language and a little sexual desire.  After all what teenager doesn't feel that from time to time  The desire that is.   But this is more, it hit home to so many things our Young Adults go through.   Bullying, Harassment, First love.  But for some it don't have happy endings.   Scars are created fate is tested and betrayal has been formed.  Life lessons change destiny but they get lost from the road.  One choice from someone else and it will be forever changed.   As I tell my kids every action has a reaction.

In this we have no vampires, fairies, fae or werewolves.  Just Witches in a different context  that cast rumors instead of spells

So I leave a parting: 

As parent we want to protect our kids.  Bullet proof vest are on our list now before pencils, notebook paper and Kleenex.  Bathing them in hand sanitizer to they don't get sick!  We all no we can't but our instincts to protect will never go away.  We will always have their backs no matter the cause.    The best way to protect them is to listen even if they have nothing to say... 

And we do this because we love them!!