Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello all,

Sorry I have been very busy lately.  Book sales are great and I am mind locked after five chapters of book 2 in the Sophie's series.  I have been working on something different for a third book.

Good news I have a beta reader!!!

I look forward to working with her and anyone else who would be interested please contact me on goodreads or message me on Facebook.

To everyone in the Moore, Oklahoma my prayers are with you...

Night everyone but I have a graduation to prepare for!!!!


Friday, May 10, 2013

.99 cent sale this weekend!! With sales staying strong I will keep it at that price!

So sales have been good so for this weekend I have set my new price at .99 cents.  With sales staying strong I will keep it set at this price.  Amazon will take 12 hours to process.  Me not thinking republished it.  So now the wait......

I already have half of book 2 in Sophie's Series done.  However I have gotten side tracked with another book.  One that once I started writing the jest of it just couldn't stop.  No paranormal as of yet have found its way into it.  But hey its still early...

Keep reading!!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

   Hey all,

   Been gone for awhile my mind need to be on getting my book in the finale publishing stage..   My everyday life is hectic with four kids in all different directions. 

   I have to report the my Author friends on Facebook have been very supportive and for that I am
grateful.  They are a true blessing.

   The best news ever my book is up and ready for downloads at, Barnes and,  and Smashwords.  You can also contact me on

  My Author page on Facebook is up and ready!!!

  With this post I will add a teaser from on of my Chapters.  

  I will continue this until once I have 200 likes on my Facebook Author Page.  Once I have gone over this amount I will have an Amazon gift card to give away!!!!!

   SO are you ready?  Here it is!!!

That damn dream scared her again.  I thought they had taken care of it but here I sit watching her run to the parking lot.  I texted Andy I knew he was in the lot putting trackers on Drake’s truck.  She must have fallen asleep in class.  That’s the only way the dream would have emerged.  Stark panic was thrumming threw my veins.  Andy must have scared her because it was there then gone just as fast.  Sophie’s wolf wanted me that was good.  Class let out and my second was waiting for me.  He did a double take.

“Dude your eyes changed.”

Shit the wolf and her chose that’s good.  The bathroom was just outside the class I exited.  Walking in I look under the stalls but all is clear.  Approaching the mirror I see them.                     “Beautiful.” Now I had to get out the contacts we bought just in case this happened early.  My ring will be covered until I revel myself.  I also knew my mate needs me.  Her heat is calling.
Well that's all for know if you caught this post mention it on Facebook the more friends you have like me then you just might get a prize!!!  Make sure they tell me who sent them to my page so you get the credit.
Happy reading,