Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do - over!!

Ok, so as you all can see I have added a few things to my page....  I want you al to be able to follow each book I have wrote or that I am working on...

As of this time I am no longer working with Phoenix Fire or Phoenix Rising Publishing. Lets say and call it creative differences if you must!!  However if you want o know the real reason please message me on FB or here and I will answer it for you....

I was blessed with two great friends and authors  who left with me and we have our own adventures going on!!  More exciting news is to come this week and with the depression leaving the building I can stay on top of this blog and will begin Tuesday teasers....  Yay!!!

So I will give you a little tease from the Savage Lake Wolves book 1 I am working on!! After al it is still Tuesday!!

Chapter 1


I remember the last time I was in this bar.  Like a long forgotten memory that had changed my life forever…  At sixteen I should have never been sitting at that table as me my twin Sienna and our best friend Lily played a game of quarters.  The guys sitting enjoying our company were soon ran off by Tanner my brother and his pack of goons.  We sat drunk off our ass still holding out for the win when he stepped in front of me, sniffed then grabbed me by the arm.  Sienna was ready to fly into action as was Lily until the young Alpha came in with the other piece of the prick, his twin brother!  It was still a blur even today as he held me close as his scent warmed me and I knew what it meant.  After he lifted me over his shoulders taking me outside away from my friends I knew I was a goner.  Lily and Sienna stood their ground even as they too were now in the same potion as I was. Taken without our say!

“Little Jazmin Thorn… my, my...  In a bar without permission, and no male pack member to keep you all safe.  You went against direct orders of your new Alpha.”  His nose skimmed my throat as I began to feel warmth spread around my body.. He was sexy as hell but has never gave me a second look until today.  “Today is my lucky day!  We all came from a meeting in town and walking out get this sweat delicate taste on our tongues.” His teeth scrap my collarbone as I gasp. I knew then we all were in a shit load of trouble. They scented us which meant they found their Mates! Holy HELL!!  Mamma was going to kill me.  “Our Mates were in the area. We had let you all go for too long, giving you time to mature and grow into young woman you need to be. Then we follow it here and watch as you flirt, tossing your flowing auburn waves around that bar as unmated males are ready to take what is ours!” I felt him the minute he took what would insure no other male wolf would touch me.  Those teeth sank in deep as he lapped the blood that flowed.  Marking me as his in the most brutal way!  Neo Fire just claimed me with his mark!!