Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hold on tight!!

So for the past few months I have been getting the kiddos ready for school and completely neglected my writing.  But today I can say that I have three books I keep switching on and off writing.  Hey before you say anything most of it is due to the character dialog going on in my head.  They want what they want!

Sophie's series note:
Today I can say that Sophie's Series Book two has been a struggle. I can not make up my mind if I want to get crazier then it is or keep the crazy at a low.  Sophie has grown into the queen she needs to be, has meet a new fate along the way, and will be coming back home with a secret neither mates will be happy with.  I still need a name for book two!

The Dark Lotus Series note:
Baily has been brought to her knees a few more times as she struggles to find herself again and again.  The boys have become a pawn her life that she fights to break the hold.  Ethan and Jake have formed an alliance to keep Baily and their sons safe.  But as the days grow longer with this battle, Chris is the one to save her from herself. He stood back for to long as Nick too has had enough of the games.  Jake still holds her heart as Ethan has the power to destroy her.  What adventure does Baily and the guys have up their sleeve this time?  Does Drake take her back drugging her until Baily is no longer herself?   I guess if you want to know you will have to keep following along!

Mia Di Morte note:

Mia is coming along nicely.  I am hoping to have her ready by Fall.  My hope  is that you all fall in love with her.   She will have a few heroes along the way helping her along with love and betrayal. But my girl is a bad ass and nothing brings her down!  Her enemies are still trying to find her weakness.  Good Luck!!

Now to my new babies~~~~~

Savage Lake Wolves:

My Photo crew was asked by one of the models for my first cover why the name Savage Lake Wolves?

Well Wolves are beautiful savage creatures by nature. But when you give them a mate, territory "forest surrounding a lake"to protect and understanding that they can love deeply and need to protect, you get My Savage Lake Wolves.  A pack of the young generation starting out on old pack land. They are the most savage.  Waiting to claim their mates when their wolf feels its right.  Mates  they have prepared a home for since they were fifteen  knowing whom they were matted too! Hormones run free as the threat of another wolf taking what's theirs. The beast of a wolf beckons to claim no matter the consequences!  A Savage has been created!

With the way these books are shaping out I might create a spin off of the series Savage Protectors.  I just haven't really decided yet! This young pack will create the Protectors that are combined from Were's and Vampires.  Their job is to protect the humans from the supernatural's who decide to not follow the rules.  They like blood shed way more then they should!

Buckle up and lets take a ride!!


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