Friday, September 27, 2013

Ok, So I haven't been on to post for awhile with that it is no excuse!

With summer vacation a husband who went above and beyond ,and four kids I decided to devote that time to them.  They had lost so much of me while writing they  and me both needed it!  After spending a week at the beach with them I so didn't want to leave.  But here I sit now replaying the sound of the waves coming in and then flowing back out and all is well...

I have been writing and hope to have it ready by the end of Oct.  This is a romance with a few scenes I even blush at!!  Completely different from Betrayed and Marked....  But don't worry book 2 of Sophie's series will be ready by December 2013.   Any one with any questions please respond to me through Facebook.  I will make sure to up date every Friday form here on out. 

With that have a great weekend stay safe and happy reading!!

P.S.  Next Friday I will give you all the name of my New Book .....

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