Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So today is another day were I sit twiddling my fingers waiting for my formatting to be complete.  After I get it back my book will be loaded to Sashwords.  Smahwords takes care of some other stores(Apple, Kobo, Sony, etc) but the big ones Amazon and Barnes and Noble will be direct publishing so I have to upload them.  Benign stuck to a computer all day I have forgotten what used to be my normal routine.  So laundry and cooking have been put back on.  my husband and rock gets to play more video games with the boys.  My daughters movie nights till midnight are over cause I need my much lost beauty sleep.  No more hot tea with jellybeans or slop marks on the front of my shirts.  Well maybe just for awhile.  I am itching to put down the first three chapters of book two in the Sophie's Series.  My mind was firing so rapidly at the end of book one that I had to get the notebook out and start writing(ugh).  Their a mess to say the least.  The verbal spillage was going so fast and to repeat yourself out loud your kids look at you like you have grown six heads.  Yes they now know mommy has a screw loose.  My eight year old would watch me and laugh the rest just left the room watching me as they went.  Well I'm out for a while catch me on Facebook until then.

To everyone in Boston my prayers and thoughts have been with you and will continue. 


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